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Enter my world too, discover places and places dear to me and share unique experiences with me immersed in the wonders of the Val d'Orcia. Let yourself be guided through a journey made of colors, scents and flavors never tried and remember that together with me you will see some beautiful ones.

Torrenieri olive grove

In Trequanda

I am excited to share the Torrenieri olive oil experience with you. This oil, produced with love and care, has an intense and rich flavour, which captures the essence of the Trequanda area. Each taste is a sensory journey that will lead you to discover the wonders of our land. I invite you to immerse yourself in this extraordinary experience, to discover the authentic flavor and aromatic notes that make Torrenieri olive oil so special. I am sure you will be fascinated by its quality and its ability to convey the soul of Trequanda in every sip.

Manociola olive grove

In Montalcino

The Manocciola olive grove represents for me a combination of love for nature and tradition. Each olive tree is treated with care and dedication, following traditional cultivation methods that make the most of the goodness of the olives. I personally take care of every stage of the process, from the moment of harvesting to the extraction of the oil, to ensure that every drop contains all the flavor and authenticity of the Montalcino area. Despite its smaller size, the Manocciola olive grove is a real pearl that shines with its beauty.

Uliveto Cosonella

A Pienza

I am happy to introduce you to my Cosonella olive grove, located in Pienza, in one of the most fascinating areas of the Val d'Orcia. This enchanting place, which hosts 2000 olive trees, is for me a real oasis of peace and passion for agriculture. I personally take care of every detail of the Cosonella olive grove, following traditional cultivation methods and respecting the nature that surrounds us. Each olive tree here represents for me a work of art, a treasure to be kept with care and attention. And thanks to the commitment and dedication that I dedicate to you, we produce a high quality olive oil, which contains all the aromas and flavors of our land.

Uliveto Pereti

A San Qurico

I am proud to present you my corner of paradise in San Quirico. Here, with passion and dedication, I cultivate 600 olive trees to produce high quality olive oil. I follow cultivation methods that enhance the goodness and authenticity of the olives, because I believe that the quality of the ingredients is the secret to obtaining an extraordinary olive oil. Here at the Pereti olive grove, every stage of olive oil production is done with love and care. From the olive harvest to the pressing, I am committed to ensuring that every drop of oil is an authentic expression of the territory and its unique flavours.



The Torrenieri farmhouse, an oasis of tranquility and beauty that I have managed for a year and a half.


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