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My true love

The one for the production of quality extra virgin olive oil; and for the promotion of the genuine products of the region.

As a hotel entrepreneur since 1986, I have had the opportunity to try my hand and make my contribution to many realities in the sector. very different from each other, today I am a producer of extra virgin olive oil in 3 municipalities of the Val d'Orcia and I continue to be a great lover of good wine and good food. my goal is produce quality products; in the most as natural as possible while respecting the environment that surrounds me.

Extra virgin olive oil, the really good one!

My olive groves are located in the beautiful Val d'Orcia, precisely in the territories of the Torrenieri, Manoniccola and Pereti farms. Even if these areas are all located in the same geographical area, the olives harvested in each of these farms have small organoleptic differences which are reflected in the flavors and aromas of our oils. Three oils of the highest quality, each with unique taste characteristics. Come and visit me to live a different sensory experience based on the oil chosen, being able to choose between fruity and sweet notes, or more delicate scents. intense and spicy.


From father to son

My father was a much better farmer than me, very skilled with olive trees, and today his passion has returned to making its way into my life.

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Beauty lies in simple things

With my work, I try to bring the right attention to the beauty and goodness, enclosed in the simplicity of the products. Discover my philosophy and what I believe in.

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My world

Enter my world now, come and visit me at my farmhouse, my home and don't miss the beauty of my 5 olive groves.

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