Torrenieri farmhouse
A small paradise in Val d'Orcia

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As you know, I started managing a splendid location: the Torrenieri farmhouse.
A small paradise in Val d'Orcia, surrounded by greenery, surrounded by silence where you can enjoy the splendid Tuscan panorama, or decide to go to Pienza or San Quirico.

While you decide when to come and see me, I'll tell you a gem, Ciao Fabry Tour can accompany you wherever you want to discover this splendid region, I'll leave you his cute website to contact him exactly here:

I know you can't wait to discover culinary Tuscany or the beauties of Pienza with him, but in the meantime, I'll tell you a little history about this place.

Along the ancient via francigena or romea on the right bank of the Asso, the castle of Torrenieri came to life between the 9th and 10th centuries, when it was established under the domination of the Franks, feudalism, numerous feudal castles were seen to rise in the Sienese territory. Its origin, however, was certainly prior to the year one thousand as can be seen from the itinerary traveled in 990 by the archbishop of Canterbury Sigerico, when succeeding Edelgardo in the London office, he went to Rome to take the pallium.
During the medieval period Torrenieri formed a separate municipality and had assumed a certain importance
In about 1350 Torrenieri was remembered by Boccaccio in the IV novel of the IX day of the Decameron. "Oh, do it, if you like me! Why are you in such a hurry? We will reach Torrenieri again tonight at an early hour ... without answering him anymore, he turned the ball's head and took the path towards Torrenieri". In 1371 Siena decided to build a fortress.
In the middle of the 16th century, the imperial cavalry of Charles V, having obtained the passage through the State of the Church, set about invading the Sienese territory on the side of the Val di Chiana, occupying without opposition Lucignano, Montefollonico and after 1552 also Pienza, from where he carried out a raid up to Torrenieri conquering the castle and raiding livestock.
With the fall of the Republic of Siena, Torrenieri also lost its importance becoming a modest village. Torrenieri, formerly a castle and independent municipality with the reform of 1777, became a fraction of the municipality of Montalcino.

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