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My story

From the passion for hospitality to the call for the land

My father, Ivo, was an expert farmer and very skilled with olive trees. Growing up in the Tuscan countryside gave me many happy memories, but in reality I have always tried to escape from that world, instead following in the footsteps of my relatives in the hotel business. I've come a long way in hospitality, undergoing rigorous training and building a very rewarding career. But then, one day, life gave me an unexpected surprise. I took over a farm and found myself immersed in agriculture, a world I had long since abandoned.


The year of my birth and the beginning of my adventure

I was born on 17 January 1973 in Piombino but I live in the beautiful Bolgheri da
proud peasant parents, Father from Montalcino and Mother from Gavorrano. I grew up in the countryside but my passion for the land has faded
in favor of the interest in hospitality, influenced by his uncles
paternal restaurateurs since the 70s.


My formation

My training in the world of hospitality began in 1987, when I started attending the hotel management school in Chianciano Terme. There I learned the basics of the profession, but also the importance of passion and dedication to achieve excellence.
After school, I had the opportunity to work in various places, including the island of Giglio, a place that has always remained in my heart for the beauty of the sea and the surrounding nature. Subsequently, I also worked in Hamburg, where I got to know different people and cultures, thus enriching my personal and professional training.


Here comes the Val d'Orcia

My journey in the world of hospitality has taken me to wonderful places and in the company of great professionals in the sector. My adventure begins in the splendid Val d'Orcia, where I had the honor of working with Ghino Poggialini, Maitre at the Hotel Chiostro. Here, I was able to discover the beauty of this land and to appreciate its culinary and hospitality culture.
Subsequently, I moved to Siena, a city that I have loved from the first moment. Here I had the opportunity to work at the Alla Speranza restaurant, where I reached my first third professional level.
But the real turning point in my career came when I became Maitre at the Locanda dell'Amorosa in Sinalunga in 1999, where I had the honor of serving alongside chef Walter Redaelli for 4 years. In this enchanting place I was able to put into practice all the knowledge acquired over years of study and work, reaching the peak of my career.

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